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Designer Eyewear


Here at Mincher-Lockett, we think that exceptional eyewear should be an accessory, not just a necessity. That's why we have an ample stock of frames available in a range of shapes, sizes and colours.

Functional Fashion

Our Dispensing Opticians are specially trained to ensure that your eyewear fits well and is suited to your face shape and lifestyle. Our skilled team will be on hand to calculate vision distances and angles, provide advice on lens options, and perform the adjusting, repairing and fitting of your spectacles.​

A few things that we find out when we advise on eyewear...

  • Your lifestyle – do you play sports or have hobbies?

  • Your budget

  • Your preferred style

  • Your previous history with your eyewear choice

How you spend your time is an important factor in your overall look. Our Optometrists and Dispensing Staff are dedicated to getting it right for you, first time.

MincherLockett-Gnosall Glasses Display

Eyewear That Reflects You

Eyewear has evolved over the years and is often regarded as a staple piece of fashion. Just as you would choose an accessory for an outfit such as shoes or scarfs, different eyewear looks suit different occasions. Whether you are looking for glasses for a work environment or an evening out, we fit spectacles that fit with your circumstances.

Spectacle Aftercare

After initial fitting, spectacles can often become loose through daily wear. Come into our practice and speak to one of our Dispensing Opticians for our fitting and tightening services. As with contact lenses, ensuring that your eye health is up to date is vital – speak to one of our dedicated Optical Receptionists to ensure that you're booked in for a regular visit with our skilled Optometrists.

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Selection of Frames


Our selection of frames is always changing as we invest in new designers. We have styles from Calvin Klein, Hackett, Ted Baker and more.

Contact Lenses

Contact Lenses

With over 40 years of experience, our skilled professionals will test your eyes and fit contact lenses that you can feel confident in.

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