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Contact Lenses

Contact Lenses

Do you find that you always seem to be losing your spectacles? That they steam up in varying situations and can fall off from time to time? Whilst glasses can be seen as a fashion statement, we also appreciate the individual wanting to try a comprehensive optical approach.

How Do Contact Lenses Work?

Applied directly to the surface of the eye, contact lenses are a clear prescription lens that fits on the tear film layer of the surface of the cornea.


Similar to the way a standard lens in a pair of glasses will correct your eye sight, contact lenses are designed to suit your individual needs. They change the way the eye perceives the world and adjusts refracting light so that objects appear clearer.


A contact lens binds to the tear fluid in your eye, which allows it to move effortlessly with the eye's gaze.

Since 1991, contact lenses have grown in popularity year on year and offer the perfect solution for the individual who feels as though spectacles do not suit their lifestyle.

Women Applying Contact Lenses
Types of Contact Lenses

Just as you can get different types of lenses for your glasses, you can also get different types of contact lenses. Each pair is designed to meet an individual's needs in different ways. Here are a few of the different types of contact lenses available:

  • Daily – a new pair of contact lenses for each day (not to be worn overnight)

  • Monthly – wearing one pair of lenses on a daily basis for up to a month

  • Continuous wear - wearing one pair of lenses for up to four weeks including overnight wear.

  • Specialist lenses - wearing one pair of tailor-made bespoke lenses for up to a year on a daily basis

  • Gas permeable - these are made of a specialist materials and can often give greater visual clarity

  • Spherical lenses – these have the same prescriptions throughout and help long and short sightedness

  • Toric lenses – these lenses help correct astigmatism

  • Multifocals – varifocal and trifocal contact lenses present lens prescriptions in different ways to suit the patient's needs

  • Coloured lenses - can be used to alter the colour of your eyes, these can be used for cosmetic reasons or just for fun!

Speak to one of our optical specialists today for more information on contact lenses here at Mincher-Lockett Opticians.

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