Types of Visual Field Tests

Automated Perimetry – using an advanced piece of technology, we are able to determine whether the patient has any blind spots. The machine is non-invasive and requires the patient to set their head on a rest and press a button when a flash of light can be seen.

Confrontation Visual Field Testing – in this test one eye is covered, whilst the other must fixate on a target object. The patient is then asked to describe what they are able to see in certain areas. If an eye condition is suspected then more visual field tests are required.

Amsler Visual field test – This test involves looking at a small grid with each eye in succession . It is for the central area of your vision and checks the health of your macula. It is useful for differentiating between different types of macula degeneration and also for checking for the side-effects of some medications.

Why Have a Visual Field Test at Mincher-Lockett?

We have been treating patients for over 40 years and have a long history of investing in the best technology for visual field testing. Dedicated to always providing the best care for our patients, our fully trained staff are able to share a breadth of knowledge on a range of visual field testing techniques.

Finding eye conditions as early as possible is important in improving the quality of life for our patients.